The First Intravascular Light Therapy System

Light’s therapeutic effect has been confirmed by numerous clinical investigations conducted over decades.  Our understanding of how light effects the human body and various diseases states is more understand that several prominent drug prescriptions.  The delivery of light comes in many forms: thermal light for tissue ablation; transdermal light for photobiomodulation of superficial subdermal tissue; extracorporeal light for blood irradiation. Each delivery method treats a very specific condition and is supported by clinical evidence. However, each of the delivery methods mentioned have well-defined therapeutic limitations.  For instance, extracorporeal light irradiation requires the physical removal of blood from the body for therapeutic light exposure before being returned to the body. Limitations become immediately apparent:




UVLrx Therapeutics Inc. was determined to correct the existing limitations of traditional methods of light delivery, leading to the development of the investigational use only device, the UVLrx Treatment System™. The UVLrx Treatment System™ delivers light directly into the body by attaching to an existing intravenous catheter, which is commonly used during IV therapy.  The system generates light energy within the UVLrx Station™, which is immediately delivered through a flexible fiber optic (The UVLrx Patient CableTM ) to our patent-pending UVLrx Dry Light Adapter™ (DLA) – an accessory that is able to attach to a routinely used IV catheter.  Accordingly, light therapy is delivered during a standard IV treatment, effectively providing two therapies simultaneously. 

By integrating into an existing catheter, and delivery three wavelengths that have been extensively studied, the UVLrx Treatment SystemTM is an innovative strategy to get therapeutic light into the body.