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@IVmeChicago, oh my gosh yes, you literally saved my life. I’m definitely going to come back to you guys.
— @Alabamaradio via Twitter
Highly recommend for people recovering from a cold or flu, or like me, a night of too much fun out on the North Side. Save yourself the pain of a day wasted hungover, and the cost of a visit to the doctors office and an IV at the hospital. See what IVme can do to set you straight.
— Kris R.
My husband and I are not big meat eaters and this is great for us. It helps with lack of B12, energy, and I just feel better with no “downer” feeling...didn’t hurt a bit. I love that they use a
numbing spray on your skin before starting the IV and before an injection.
— Jennifer H.
I saved myself a potential 4+ hour wait in the ER, no outrageous copay, and the comfort levels far exceed going to any hospital. I am so thankful for IVme and will be going back many times (though hopefully not all because I am sick ;)). As a small business owner myself I would love nothing more than to see such a great establishment run by wonderful people succeed, and without reservation I highly, HIGHLY recommend going to IVme yourself.
— Suzzane B.
I went into IVme for my first visit today, and I must say, they exceeded every expectation I had. I was feeling under the weather, your basic Chicago cold/flu/plague that we all get this time of year...we went over a few basic symptoms and the nurse hooked me up with an IV, with a bit of extra vitamin B and C to boost up my immune system. I then snuggled into the cozy couch, was wrapped in a nice comfy blanket and watched some TV as I was served chilled coconut water. I mean, c’mon!!! It’s like being at the spa!!!!
— (from Facebook)
I travel extensively and after a two week coast to coast to coast trip just couldn’t conquer my dehydration. Went in on Monday, spent 45 minutes there, had a B12 shot... feel great.
— (from Facebook)
A trip to the ER for basic hydration could easily set me back a couple grand. But now with IVme here, it’s affordable to get healthy and stay healthy!! I am definitely adding this to my regular wellness plan...IVme is quickly going to become an integral part of our community’s health and wellness.
— (from Facebook)
On the suggestion of pretty much the entire wedding party, I dragged my near-lifeless body into IVME. Two “banana bags” and 45 minutes later, I walked out a new person, made it to the first-look photos, and rocked that party hard. It was a ****ing miracle.
— Nom (from Yelp)