How long does it take for an IV?

In general, for most patients it takes 30-45 minutes from start to finish. Depending on the amount of fluids you receive or any special treatments, your visit with us may take longer. 

How much does an IV cost?

Our IV treatments range in cost from $89 and up, depending on the type of IV.

Our shots range from $25-$35. 

Who can get an IV?

Almost anyone. We do not treat minors below the age of 18 or patients with certain medical conditions. IVs are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding patients.  If pregnant, we prefer to be in contact with your obstetrician or midwife regarding your care.  

How do IVs work?

IVs work by rapidly replenishing fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins. It delivers 100% of the ingredients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, which both slows absorption and diminishes the potency of the ingredients.  

What is in the IV?

The fluid itself (usually normal saline) and whatever appropriate additives our medical professional decides will best help get you feeling better!  These can be any combination of medicines, vitamins, and nutrients.   

Who administers the IV?

All treatments are administered by our fully licensed and accredited registered nurses (RN) and paramedics.  Our staff is the best of the best, and have worked in some of the more prestigious emergency rooms and IV start teams  

Does it hurt to get an IV?

Typically no. Depending on your preference, we can start the IV without any numbing medicine, with a numbing spray, or with a special pain-free, needleless air injection that completely numbs the area so you don’t feel a thing! 

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are usually minor and short-lived. They include bruising, bleeding from the site, and soreness. These are easily avoided by holding direct pressure after removal of the IV. Other far less common side effects include risk of infection and anaphylaxis, an extremely rare allergic reaction. Our highly trained medical professionals are well-versed in diagnosing and treating any and all possible side effects. 

What are the benefits of an IV?

Our IV therapies have many benefits, depending on the reason for your visit.  Among these are an increase in energy and feeling of wellness, decreased headaches and body aches, and restoration of normal fluid levels that help your body return to optimal functioning. 

How often can I get an IV?

Depending on the reason, some patients get an IV up to twice a week. Others do weekly, biweekly, or monthly treatments. We recommend getting an IV when you feel you need it to get better and get back to your normal, productive self. 

What types of IVs do you offer?

We offer IVs that address a many different patient needs; please go to …LINK….for more information. 

What is the hCG Diet?

The hCG Diet combines safe, easy hormone injections that help the body burn fat along with weekly Lipolean Vitamin B shots along and a specially designed diet that allows patients to lose weight quickly and easily.  It also helps to reset your metabolism in order to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. Women typically lose 0.5 to 1.0 pounds per day and men can lose 1.0-2.0 pounds per day. There are 23 day and 40 day diet programs, depending on patient needs and goals. The diet may also be repeated until the patient loses the desired amount of weight. For more info or further questions, please contact us at 

How does oxygen therapy work?

Our oxygen therapy works by increasing the amount of oxygen inhaled via nasal cannula.  Generally speaking, this won’t do much to help you feel better.  Under times of stress, such as headaches, migraines, anxiety, and illness, oxygen can make you feel much better. It can relieve anxiety, lessen headaches, increase alertness, and help to increase energy. The physiologic effects are usually short-lived, but the feeling itself can last much longer. 

Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are not necessary, but are highly recommended, especially on weekends.

One of our goals is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible, and by making an appointment, you ensure minimal to no waiting time. This gets you in and out as quickly as possible so you can get on with your busy life. 

Do you offer treatments not listed on the website?

We do offer specialized treatments based on the recommendations of your personal physicians, including but not limited to family physicians, integrated medicine and anti-aging physicians, obstetricians, internists, oncologists, or other qualified physicians. If you have any specific requests, please feel free to email us at regarding these questions. 

Do you take insurance?

We do not accept private insurance, Medicare, nor Medicaid. However, our treatments are generally far less expensive than most co-pays, especially if you have not yet met your deductible for the year.

We do, however, accept FSA and HSA accounts. (Your HSA and FSA account may refuse to reimburse. Make sure with them first,  We offer no refunds if they do not) 

Do you offer memberships and packages?

We do offer memberships.

We also offer packages on our Vitamin shots. 

Do you do private parties or offer group rates?

We do provide service for private parties in almost any setting. You can reserve a space at our clean and comfortable clinic, or we can come to you.  

Where do you deliver your offsite therapy?

We provide treatments at private homes, hotels, private clubs, or almost any other setting.  

Are IVs safe?

Yes!  Our nurses and medics are the best at what they do and our clinic provides a clean, sterile, comfortable and safe environment. We use the same fluids, medications and equipment that are used at the best hospitals.